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Singular Visions

Dec 16, 2010–Aug 5, 2012

Review: “a refreshing departure from the typical collection sampler. It also hints at some of the possibilities of a downtown Whitney, one with more breathing room for large installations and other difficult-to-show works.”
The New York Times

Review: "Museum shows rarely offer this kind of intimacy. I found myself surrendering to the art and participating in the premise in a unique way—slowing down and spending a lot of time with each work, thinking and musing about concepts and materials and love, life, and death, connecting one piece with another, and stretching my perceptions in ways I haven’t in a while."
New York

"Peetie the Parakeet, Art-World Darling"
--New York

"The Cat is Stuffed, the Bird is Real"
--The New York Times