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Richard Artschwager!

Oct 25, 2012–Feb 3, 2013

"Saltz: How I Came to Embrace Richard Artschwager's Weirdness"
New York Magazine

"An Enigma Wrapped in Formica"
The New York Times

"The 88-year-old Artschwager remains every bit the artist of his youth—thoughtful and witty, with a scientific bent."
Modern Painters

"The Sculptor's Apprentices"
The Wall Street Journal

"Richard Artschwager Does More With Less"
New York Magazine

"Pill-shaped public art is popping up all around the High Line."
DNA Info

"The Story Behind Richard Artschwager's Whitney Survey and High Line blps"

"Furniture-like in form, Artschwager’s cheerfully-coloured yet eerily blank works became the artist’s way of exploring his interest in mixing two- and three-dimensional perceptual experiences, surprising the viewer, making them look again."
Another Magazine