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Christian Marclay: Festival

July 1–Sept 26, 2010

Review: "Just when it is most needed, 'Christian Marclay: Festival' takes the “me” out of performance art."
--The New York Times

Conversation: Christian Marclay at the Whitney: Two Critics Weigh In
--The New York Times ArtsBeat blog

"in keeping a fairly tight focus on the notion of the 'visual score,' curators David Kiehl and Limor Tomer give a concise cross section of [Marclay's] oeuvre"
--The Nation

Review: "[the exhibition] has a festiveness, a block-party atmosphere, rare in the contemporary avant-garde."
--The New Republic

"Marclay’s art exists in the exact spot in our brains where sight and sound sit down over a couple of beers, and everything in this marvelously on-message survey serves as a score or just an excuse to listen."
--New York

Video: Whitney art handlers erase the 79-foot "Chalkboard, 2010" and Anthony Coleman performs "Shuffle, 2007," a series of 72 cards printed with musical notes assembled by Christian Marclay

"Few artists have displayed such consistent discipline in their choice of themes as Marclay."

"Mary Halvorson Plays Christian Marclay at the Whitney"
--The Awl

"Marclay’s multilayered approach produces work that can be beguilingly lush or painfully poignant."

"Christian Marclay can make music out of almost anything."

"Overall, it's an incredibly focused gaze into New York's experimental music community."

"Nineteen Top Shows"