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Christian Marclay: Festival

July 1–Sept 26, 2010

Musical performances were streamed live on during the month of September as part of the closing festivities for Christian Marclay: Festival.

Video: Thurston Moore performs Christian Marclay’s Wind Up Guitar (1994)

In this video, Thurston Moore performs Christian Marclay’s Wind Up Guitar (1994), a guitar that Marclay outfitted with multiple music boxes.

Video: Shelley Hirsch and Christian Marclay perform Marclay’s Zoom Zoom (2007–09)

In this performance, Marclay selects images of onomatopoeias to trigger Shelley Hirsch’s vocal improvisation in an ongoing call and response.

Video: Helga Davis performs Chrisitan Marclay’s Chalkboard (2010)

Helga Davis interprets the graphic notation Museum visitors created in Marclay’s newest score, Chalkboard.

Video: Butch Morris and String Septet perform Christia Marclay’s Ephemera (2009)

In this video, Butch Morris and String Septet perform Ephemera, in which photographs of printed materials decorated with musical notations are interpreted by one or more musicians.

Video: Elliot Sharp, Jim Thirlwell, and Kenney Wollesen perform Christian Marclay’s  Screen Play (2005)

Musicians play Screen Play, a carefully edited video score comprised of black-and-white images overlaid with brightly colored computer-animated graphics.

Video: Joan LaBarbara performs Christian Marclay’s Scroll (2010)

Vocalist Joan LaBarbara interprets Manga Scroll, a sixty-four-foot long scroll collaged with onomatopoeias found in Manga comics translated into English. 

Video: Michael Snow performs Christian Marclay’s Shuffle (2007)

In this performance, Michael Snow plays Shuffle, a “deck” of photographs documenting musical notation found in mundane settings meant to be shuffled and selected by the musician. 


Visit the Whitney’s channel on for a full performance archive.

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