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Buckminster Fuller: Starting with the Universe

June 26–Sept 21, 2008


Buckminster Fuller: Starting with the Universe wins 2008 AICA Award for Best Architecture or Design Show
--International Association of Art Critics

“a treasure trove of some of the most famous and rare Fuller artefacts and memorabilia.” 

“mandatory viewing not just for those curious about the great visionary—whose ideas are increasingly relevant—but for anyone with a speck of concern about the fate of the planet. That is, for all of us."
--Time Out New York

“We are still figuring out what this otherworldly visionary was really up to, and the Whitney exhibition makes a perfect point of departure."
--The Architect’s Newspaper

“Though largely a show about architecture, Starting With the Universe presents Fuller as a revolutionary and visionary thinker"

“Spaceship Earth: It’s Not Too Late for a Course Correction” 
--The Huffington Post

“The Sustainable Dreamer: Why Buckminster Fuller Still Matters” 

Audio: "R. Buckminster Fuller, American Visionary"
--WNYC, The Leonard Lopate Show

Audio: "The Comprehensivist"
--WNYC, News

“[Visitors] may be a bit overwhelmed by the elegance, strangeness and sheer diversity of R. Buckminster Fuller's designs."
--Voice of America

Video: "25 Years After His Death, Visionary R. Buckminster Fuller Continues to Inspire Efforts for a More Sustainable Planet"
--Democracy Now!

Video: "Buckminster Fuller at the Whitney Museum"
--Architectural Record

“In a Small World, His Dome is Still Big” 
--Chicago Tribune

“Fixing Earth One Dome at a Time” 
--The New York Times

Slideshow: "Buckminster Fuller at the Whitney Museum"
--The New York Times

“What We Can Learn from Buckminster Fuller” 

“10 Gonzo Machines from Rogue Inventor Buckminster Fuller” 
--Popular Mechanics

“Buckminster Fuller: The Big Thinker” 

“Buckminster Fuller’s inventions didn’t always work, but his ideas still inspire.” 

“The Engineer of Dreams” 
--The Star-Ledger

“Can Fuller be rehabilitated as a 21st-century design hero?” 
--International Herald Tribune

“The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller” 
--The New York Times

“A Three-Wheel Dream That Died at Takeoff” 
--The New York Times

“Fuller’s Dymaxion Houses” 
--New York

“Dymaxion Man: The Visions of Buckminster Fuller” 
--The New Yorker

Slideshow: "Weird Science"
--The New Yorker


“Flying Cars, Cloud Cities and Other Forgotten Inventions of Buckminster Fuller” 

“Now Showing: Buckminster Fuller” 
--The Moment: T Magazine

“Bucky Fuller Returns” 

“The Universe First” 
--Terraform Earth

“Spaceship Earth” 
--Tim Paul’s Museum Hours

“Reexamining Bucky” 
--A Daily Dose of Architecture

“Homegrown Visionaries: Thanks to Buckminster Fuller”

“A Pair of Flying Slippers” 
--Core 77 Design

Buckminster Fuller and the Secret Magic of Serendipity 

“Buckminster Fuller: Futurist” 
--Revelations from an Unwashed Brain

“Buckminster Fuller’s Dome Re-Assembled and in NYC”