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"At a Biennial on a Budget, Tweaking and Provoking"
--The New York Times

"I left the museum with a giant burst of happiness for the infinite creativity of America."
--New York

Audio Slideshow: "Handsome and Restrained"
--The New Yorker

"this show offers a master class on curating. It balances formal with content-based works, while hinting at an overarching theme on which it hangs its hat."
--Time Out New York

"Much of the work is the kind you want to spend time with—art that’s worth absorbing, considering, and remembering."
--The Daily Beast

"The Whitney is pre-eminent in its ability to take the temperature of American art"
--The Guardian

"Good, skillfully arranged, nourishing and digestible. It’s a spread of hard-won works of art you’re pleased to see."
--Staten Island Advance

"This is not only the greatest of Whitney Biennials, it is the greatest show ever produced by the Whitney Museum."

Features and Previews

Profile of Biennial artist Aurel Schmidt
--The Daily Beast

Video: Biennial Preview

"Surveying the Biennial"

Five Selections from the Biennial
--The Huffington Post

Video: Interview with Biennial curator Francesco Bonami

"Art Olympics"

"At the Whitney, Busting Out Quietly"
--The New York Times

Biennial Preview

"Whitney Biennial Opens Tomorrow"

"Women at the 2010 Whitney Biennial"

"Five From the Whitney Biennial" (an ongoing series): Babette Mangolte, Lorraine O'Grady, Lesley Vance
--Art in America

Slideshow: "Freaking Out the Old Masters: Why the Whitney chose George Condo to represent the state of art in 2010"

Biennial curator Gary Carrion-Murayari, art critic Carolina Miranda, and PS122 director Vallejo Gantner discuss performance work at the Biennial
WNYC Biennial Conversations podcast

“Women’s Work”
T Magazine/The New York Times

Video: Aki Sasamoto discusses her contribution to the Biennial
T Magazine/The New York Times

“But What Does It Mean?”

Biennial curator Francesco Bonami, art critic Carolina Miranda, and Artnet’s Ben Davis make connections between art and the present economic moment
WNYC Biennial Conversations podcast

Biennial curator Francesco Bonami, art critic Carolina Miranda, and film curator Barney Oldfeld discuss film and video work at the Biennial
WNYC Biennial Conversations podcast

"The Whitney Biennial Lightens Up"
--The Wall Street Journal

"Whitney Biennial 2010 Breakdown: The New York Kids, The L.A. Upstarts, The Old Guard, The Outliers"

Profile of Biennial curator Gary Carrion-Murayari
--The New York Observer

Profile of Biennial curator Francesco Bonami
--New York

Biennial Preview and Artist Photos

"Portraits of the Face of War"
--PBS News Hour interview with Biennial artist Nina Berman

The Nifty 50: David Adamo, Bruce High Quality Foundation, Huma Bhabha, Gary Carrion-Murayari, Rashaad Newsome
--T Magazine/The New York Times

"2010 Art Preview: The Whitney Biennial Turns 75"
--The Wall Street Journal

Q & A with curator Francesco Bonami
(requires site registration)

"Reality Leaves a Fingerprint on the Biennial"
The New York Times

"2010 Whitney Biennial Artists Announced"
WNYC Culture blog