Asad Raza's Weekend Guests: Jeff Dolven

SUN, Jun 4, 2017
1–3 pm

Location: Sixth Floor Gallery, East Side

About Asad Raza's Weekend Guests
As part of Root sequence. Mother tongue (2017), Asad Raza has invited a series of guests to occupy the installation with choreographic, musical, and intellectual events for weekend visitors to the museum. Comprising mentors, friends, and younger creative practitioners, the group is a plurivocal portrait of the artist’s community. View the full program.

Jeff Dolven: 14 Person Poem
This program is an afternoon’s experiment in the form of a poetry reading, which distributes its poems across the physical and social space of Asad Raza’s Root sequence. Mother tongue. Among the trees, visitors will encounter each poem line by line, in unexpected order, and each time as a personal encounter. Poems have been written for the occasion by Maureen McLane, Dorothea von Moltke, Geoffrey Nutter, Rowan Ricardo Philips, Sal Randolph, Tracy K Smith, Mónica de la Torre, and Monica Youn. Readers will include several of the poets along with D. Graham Burnett, Majel Connery, Joy Connolly, Martha Friedman, Len Nalencz, Dominic Pettman, Seph Rodney, and Jennie Uleman.

Jeff Dolven is a poet and critic and author of Scenes of Instruction, Speculative Music, and Senses of Style. He teaches poetry and poetics at Princeton University and is an editor at large at Cabinet magazine.

Free with Museum admission.