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Above it All: Face Your Fears

Here There & Everywhere is a work by the artist Lawrence Weiner. It was created in 1989. This particular work has no pictures or images. It only contains text. The background is a white wall, and the words written on it are blue. Some words are in parentheses and underlined. The words catch your eye on the page because of the bold font and the way the words appear on the wall. 

When I first looked at this work of art, I was really confused. I didn’t think there was any way you could be “away from it all," "beneath it all," "all over it all," and "above it all." But I was wrong. I could find so many reasons for why the author wrote this, I was just being too narrow-minded. When I stepped out of my shoes, and into other people’s perspectives, I found what I was looking for. There is one thing that fits perfectly with his words; what if he was talking about success? What if he was talking about facing your fears and issues? We all have them. They may all be different, but they are things we need to learn to deal with. You can never run (away from it all) or try to dismiss your fears. Problems never go away until you rid yourself of them. When you finally conquer your fears and problems, then you will be (above it all) happy. 

Here is a poem inspired by Here There & Everywhere:

Don’t be afraid

You have to face your fears. . .be strong

Don’t fall beneath it all

You’ve been dealing with this for way too long

Rise above it all

Fight for what you deserve

Don’t let it keep bothering you

And getting on your nerves

There are times you need to get away from it all

So take a break

But when you can handle it

And get rid of all obstacles for your own sake

And when you’ve resolved your problems

And put up a good enough fight

You’ll be all over it all

And everything will turn out right

I had this same issue

But I fought long and hard for my success

I’ve made it this far

And I wouldn’t have settled for anything less

By Porscher

Lawrence Weiner, Here There & Everywhere, 1989  94.136
Lawrence Weiner, Here There & Everywhere, 1989. Language + materials referred to, dimensions variable. Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; purchase with funds from the Contemporary Painting and Sculpture Committee  94.136
© 2009 Lawrence Weiner / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York