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Fresh Perspectives

Teen Takes on the Biennial

Teens in the Youth Insights Leaders program went behind the scenes of 2010 to showcase the Whitney’s signature exhibition through the art of filmmaking. Armed with cameras, lights, and editing equipment donated by the New York Film Academy Film and Acting School (NYFA) and supported by NYFA staff, the teens directed a series of short, original documentary films reflecting their unique perspectives on 2010.

Project director Michael Sandoval and instructors Andrea Swift and Jeremiah Bruckhart worked with Whitney Education staff to guide the Youth Insight Leaders through workshops on directing, cinematography, and editing. The Leaders explored the history of 2010, created a visual portrait of artist Kate Gilmore, and captured teen responses to the exhibition.

The New York Film Academy and the Whitney are excited about how filmmaking can initiate dialogue among youth on contemporary art. Check out the videos and let us know what you think! Send your comments to and to