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Food For Thought

This series of public programs (organized by teens for teens) invites contemporary artists to participate in open dialogues about their art over snacks like dumplings, cupcakes, and quesadillas.

Spring Rolls and Sustainability with Britta Riley

Britta explains to the teens how her Windowfarms work, October 2009. Photograph by Danielle Linzer

On October 23, 2009, Britta Riley, an eco-conscious artist/designer showed YI teens how to build a Windowfarm. Windowfarms are small, vertical window gardens that are constructed using recycled materials such as plastic bottles. The goal of these micro-environments is to encourage city dwellers to grow their own food, giving people an opportunity to participate in sustainability efforts. Learn more about Britta Riley’s environmentally friendly projects.


Cory Arcangel speaks to teens about his installation Super Mario Clouds v2k3, 2009. Photograph by Danielle Linzer

Cory Arcangel’s installation Super Mario Clouds v2k3, was first shown at the Whitney during the 2004 Biennial, but it wowed crowds once again in Spring 2009 as part of the exhibition Synthetic. On March 13, 2009, Cory joined teens for a gallery talk about the installation and a conversation about his current projects, while creamy cannolis were enjoyed by all. To learn more about what Cory is up to, check out his website.


Corin Hewitt talks about his exhibition Seed Stage with teens, 2009. Photograph by Danielle Linzer

On November 7, 2008, YI teens invited Corin Hewitt to participate in a conversation about his exhibition, Seed Stage, over a spread of delicious cupcakes. Hewitt took up occupancy in the Whitney’s Anne & Joel Ehrenkranz Lobby Gallery in Fall 2008 in an innovative installation that was part performance art, part live theater, and part meditation on ideas about still life. To learn more about Corin’s innovative project, check out this video.


A screening of Kevin Jerome Everson’s film Emergency Needs, 2009. Photograph by Danielle Linzer

On April 4, 2008, Biennial Artist Kevin Jerome Everson joined teens for a screening of his film, Emergency Needs. Teen participants dined on delectable dumplings and debated the issues raised by Everson’s film. The material for Emergency Needs, 2007 derives from a news conference held by the first African American mayor of a large city, Carl B. Stokes of Cleveland, in response to a violent outbreak of civil unrest in the summer of 1968. Learn more about the events and Everson’s treatment of them.