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Janice is a sixteen-year-old student at the High School for Health Professions and Human Services, and she considers herself a visual learner. She lives in Brooklyn and her family is from Puerto Rico, so she speaks both English and Spanish. She is the youngest in her family and looks up to her sister. Janice aspires to go to college and become a plastic surgeon, because it combines her passions for art and everything gruesome. Janice believes that art is expression without limits, and she specifically enjoys drawing, knitting, painting, photography, and sculpture. Janice loves doing anything adventurous, and one of her favorite experiences is sky gliding. She is always happy and this is reflected in her beliefs that the country should lighten up and that a fully lived life is one spent living in the moment. 

By Ben

To explore society's opinion on teenage pregnancy, artist Janice Del Valle asked a friend to pretend to be pregnant and resume her daily life. The feedback her friend got was mostly negative with very few positive comments. During a particular incident, a lady walked up to her and asked how old she was and followed her around for a short period of time without saying anything. The experiment lasted for 2 consecutive days.

By, Nicholas YI Artist