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Andrea is a lovely and open sophomore ready to embark on an adventure at the Whitney Museum. To her, art is life, an escape as well as a means to express herself. As the youngest daughter in her family, she looks up to her brother as a role model. She dreams of a day when the world stops discriminating against people on the basis of their sexual orientation. She loves all types of music, and all types of art. In the long run, she plans to go to college, get married, and have children.

By Tiffany

This piece captures Andrea’s adventurous and witty attitude. The simple act of eating chips and salsa is transformed into an act of rebellion when it takes place in the context of her Catholic school French class. Her blatant disregard for her school’s norms shows how far she will go for her art. This display of indifference evoked an array of reactions among her peers including shock, laughter, and confusion. She is willing to bend rules and push the limits of what is socially acceptable for the benefit of her art.

By Holly, YI Artist