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Artwork captures my sight
I like when the colors of the canvas
Paint my mind
Or the materials
Mold something into my soul.

Writing has always possessed my hand
Ever since I was small
To capture moments through words
To send my thoughts to the surface.

I like Maya Deren
Her piece The Very Eye of Night
The dancers move effervescently in the dark.
I like Yayoi Kusama
Fireflies On the Water
With the vibrant colored lights and the water beneath my feet

To write about the experience
Is scintillating for me
For it is like reliving the feeling I felt when I first saw it.

I like doing both
Art and writing
Although sometimes it’s tricky.
But I like the Whitney
For writing about art
Or doing art
Sparks a greater creativity.

Savannah’s Artwork

Savannah’s Artwork