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I’m Luis. I reside in Washington Heights and my background is Colombian. Both of my parents and I were born in Colombia. I emigrated here when I was seven. My mom kept bugging me about participating in an afterschool program and I have also been looking for a way to write outside of school. I enjoy reading, but I love writing. When I realized what an opportunity this was, I seized it. My interest in writing brought me to Youth Insights.

To me, art is anything that conveys an idea or a concept. Art could also be something that emulates a feeling so well that the viewer feels that emotion when they look at the artwork. Art is a mirror of expression. Art is the medium through which emotions become real. Art can be anything: sculpture, painting, photography, writing, dance, sports, movement, and music. Art is simply the beauty of humans. Art is creativity, the colorful side of our mind. Art can be made by anyone. My favorite artists are dead.

I’m interested in change and in awareness of the universe. I would like to become a wise man, full of knowledge, so that I can be unstoppable. I want to achieve a perfect balance within myself and help others find that balance. Reading inspires me. Being able to relate to an author’s ideas is one of the most satisfactory feelings you can have. I am inspired by selflessness and progress. Why is it that while we have airplanes and can transport cargo as well as people over large distances over short periods of time, but we also have places where water and human resources are lacking? Why are we still suffering from the same social dilemmas that ancient societies suffered from? Questions like these inspire me. I hope that people hundreds of years from today will remember my name and acknowledge my existence and ideas.

Luis’s Artwork

Luis’s Artwork