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Hi. My name is Grayson. I am a native New Yorker and attend the Hewitt School. Art is an extremely important part of my life and a crucial part of who I am. I pass the Whitney every day, and when an opportunity to attend sessions at the Museum came about there was no way I could ignore it. Youth Insights facilitates discussions about art and the artistic process, which is unlike any other program I have encountered. I believe that art is a universal language. I love how everyone can relate to it through different artists and mediums.

I have a wide range of interests, and I find that my need for artistic expression is the common thread weaving them all together. I like to sew and crochet—in other words, creating pieces of wearable art. When I bake, I can decorate the treats with fine detail. Community service is another huge interest of mine. I am able to give back to the community with art. I paint murals on run-down brick walls, and conduct art classes with younger children to give to the elderly. I find inspiration in everything.

I like to drink breakfast tea before I go to bed.


Food = cake

Movie = Igby Goes Down

Book = A Brief History of Time

Artist = Boldini

Candy = Zots

Animal = Sloth

Grayson’s Artwork

Grayson’s Artwork
Grayson’s Artwork