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Athena (Tina) was born in Long Island and is currently at School of the Future. She is of Lebanese and French descent. Tina has grown up around art and has been exposed to it her whole life, primarily through her mother and grandfather. Her favorite artist is the French street artist Ugly-Kid Gumo. A few of Tina's interests include photography, writing, drawing, and running track. Tina adores music as well―Neighborhood, Flume, and, Disclosure are three of her favorite bands. Additionally, Tina writes flash-fiction, can't get enough of poetry, and is an avid reader of e.e. cummings, Ned Vasini, and Gabrielle Zevin. In the near future, Tina aspires to become a surgeon and save lives. She hopes to continue writing and to fulfill her passion for the arts. 

By Nafisa