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Tiffany moved from Taiwan to New York with her father when she was in sixth grade. One of the first places she visited in New York was The Metropolitan Museum of Art, where she became interested in art. She sees art as a way for her to express herself. To her, art highlights unique ideas and different cultures throughout the world. She is very attracted to abstract, Islamic, and African art and one of her favorite artists is Peter Paul Rubens. Some mediums she enjoys working with include paint and clay. Tiffany is also interested in hiking in the mountains and strolling in the park, observing maple leaves change color in the fall and watching cherry blossom petals float to the ground in the spring. She also enjoys drawing, sketching, reading, and writing during her spare time. In the future, Tiffany would like to study economics and art history. She hopes to become a lawyer and go to museums during her lunch breaks with her father.

By Nicole

Self-Portrait Video: Tiffany