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Robert is a comic book artist who currently resides in Brooklyn. He is originally from the Dominican Republic. Despite his Hispanic background, Robert speaks no Spanish and has traveled to the Dominican Republic only twice. His passion lies in the art of creating comic books. He discovered his fervor for drawing at the age of seven and has pursued it since then. Robert is inspired by what he describes as “the real world.” He is keen on capturing realistic situations and deriving details from his observations of the objects and people he sees daily. This methodology contributes to his overarching goal of creating comic books that are wholly reminiscent of real life events.

Although comics are his main interest and hobby, Robert also enjoys playing video games, skateboarding, and building his Parkour skills. He believes that art is generally undefined and that it is intrinsic to human beings. He feels that in order to create art, one must simply “create what comes to mind.” Robert’s main goal for the future is essentially to fulfill his own definition of what art is: to create and publish full-length comic books. Currently, he is working on different aspects of a whole story by producing small pieces at a time. He is focusing on building a collection of characters, which he will later use in a published comic. 

By Veronica

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