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Before settling in the Bronx, Mieyoshi lived all over New York City. She is interested in many forms of art, but she primarily likes painting. Art is a hobby for her rather than a way of life—it is a means to have fun and enjoy herself, whether she is painting or drawing. She came to Youth Insights because she was interested in networking with artists. She is excited to learn more about interpreting different forms of art. She finds inspiration in comedy, painting, and her favorite subject, history among many other things. In the future, Mieyoshi hopes to become the best at something. She does not know exactly what she wants to do, but she wants to become the best in the world at her skill. 

By Owen

Self-Portrait Videos: Mieyoshi

Le Boring

The footage in Le Boring is just a collection of little clips I captured. The clips consist of the things I have seen on television that I really liked, random people in my life, and quick flickers of what I do. I consider myself to be a really boring and private person, and this footage displays that.