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Lisa was born in Salt Lake City and is from a Chinese background. She is currently a junior at Stuyvesant High School. She participated in Youth Insights last year and hopes to meet amazing new people again this year. For her, art is a passionate new hobby, and she hopes to continue to learn more about it. Aside from art, her hobbies are reading and fashion. Her favorite fashion designer is Alexander McQueen and she loves his bizarre designs. In the future, Lisa would like to be a psychiatrist because she knows she would enjoy helping people. She would also like to continue making art and writing. 

By Holly

Self-Portrait Video: Lisa


The structure of the video is that it is essentially half monologue and half shaky shots of my school life. I shot the video first then I shot about twenty minutes of monologue. I had intended for the monologue to be based on the video, but I quickly strayed off topic.

I wanted to make an honest video.