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Holly is a junior at St. John’s Prep in Queens, and describes herself as “realistic, creative, and trustworthy.” She lives in Astoria and comes from a Puerto Rican and Italian background. She joined Youth Insights because the librarian at her school recommended it to her, and she tries to do anything art-related—she also takes classes at Parsons. When asked what art means to her, she says it is “the expression of the human experience visually.” Her favorite artist is Robert Rauschenberg. She also plays guitar and likes to read. She particularly enjoys philosophy, and her favorite poet is Allen Ginsberg. She finds inspiration in her surroundings, particularly in damaged or decayed things. In the future, she hopes to live a laid-back lifestyle without yielding to a repetitive or monotonous job;. She thinks she would like to teach.

By Lisa

Self-Portrait Video: Holly