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Amanda is an artist who lives on the Upper East Side. She is from an African American and Asian background. To Amanda, art is her life. It is her way of expressing her ideas and feelings. Without it she would be unable to show herself fully or be as creative as she is. Her favorite artists are Caravaggio, Henri Matisse, and Frida Kahlo. She also enjoys playing soccer and volleyball, running, video games, and traveling. She has visited the UK, France, Germany, Iceland, Hong Kong, and Mexico, and hopes to travel more in the future. She is inspired by philosophy and specifically by the books of Ayn Rand. She hopes to establish a good life for herself that allows her to be able to paint and continue to travel. 

By Logan

Self-Portrait Video: Amanda

Poignant Joy

I captured footage of myself walking in two different areas of the city. There are moments that are very urban and congested versus moments in areas that presented more of a nature-like setting with trees and grass to contrasts images of cars, buildings and people.