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Teddy is a Bard High School student from Brooklyn, New York. He comes from a family of optometrists , dentists, and artists. Teddy has an “image-based mind” and he is interested in music, film, photography, as well as art that is new and original. His favorite artists include Matthew Barney and Martin Kippenberger. He has the tendency to dismiss art that has been canonized. In Teddy's opinion, art is the idea of taking something tangible and making it intangible on a more emotional level.

His artistic inspiration stems mostly from mass culture, “trash TV,” and art that isn't pristine or conservative. He is also inspired by the creative artistry he finds on platforms like Tumblr. In the future, Teddy plans to be a well-respected artist. He also plans to start an organization that will influence children to experience different forms of art in new ways. He was a part of the Whitney Museum's Youth Insights Writers program during the fall of 2012.

By Allandra