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Shirley is a senior at Hunter College High School. Her background is Chinese-American and she lives in Brooklyn. Shirley began the Youth Insights program as a YI Writer two years ago and came back to be part of the Leaders program this year. She is excited to be able to work behind the scenes and organize events and tours, and to be a part of the Museum crew.  She is a very energetic and optimistic person, and knows that the way to happiness in life is to think of the world in a positive way.

Shirley believes art is limitless and very malleable, unlike science, even though her passion is science. She is going to be a pre-med major in college next year, and hopes to become a doctor in the future. Shirley is into camping and canoeing, and is already planning her next trip. She is on her school’s badminton team as well. She also wants to travel the world, because she believes it is important to be exposed to other cultures. Shirley is excited to be part of Youth Insights during the upcoming 2014 Biennial exhibition, and looks forward to beging introduced to many new, up and coming artists.

By Anna