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Shane is of Irish-German descent and lives in Brooklyn. He says he "fell automatically in love" with Youth Insights on the first day of the program, thanks to Luis and the other members of YI. As the program continued, he realized it was an opportunity to do artistic things outside of school. 

Shane’s favorite artist at the moment is Llyn Foulkes. During the YI Summer Intensive program, he visited Foulkes’s exhibition at the New Museum and realized how politically powerful and vivid art can be. Thanks to Foulkes, he was able to devise his definition for art: “Art is making tangible what is intangible.”

He is interested in women, stand-up comedy, theater, cinema, literature, art, and the animal kingdom. In the future, Shane hopes to stack footwear to higher altitudes than anyone has ever achieved. He also hopes to make that into a successful career. 

By Luis