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Savannah is of Filipino and African American descent. She is a senior at the Academy of Mount Saint Ursula in the Bronx, Savannah has participated in Youth Insights Writers for two semesters and in the Youth Insights Summer Intensive. She is still trying to figure out what art means to her—she says that art is always changing and that her views about art will change as well. Savannah’s favorite artists include Maya Deren, Gerhard Richter, and Jack Goldstein. Her interests are photography, writing, scrapbooking, and painting. Things that inspire Savannah include people and investigating human nature. She likes to people-watch and to learn about people in a personal way. In the future she plans to study art history and become a college professor. She would love to visit dangerous places in the world and photograph them. She likes to take risks and have experiences that she will remember for a lifetime. Savannah likes to take photographs to remember the little things, because she thinks those are what will be really important later in life. 

By Rebecca