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Anna aspires to be an art conservator. Her interests in art and science have led her to explore the limitless possibilities of the Whitney, her favorite museum. As a former Youth Insights Artist and Summer Intensive participant, Anna is excited to return and continue to be part of the Whitney family. As a young girl, Anna developed interest in oil and acrylic painting. Art fascinates her because she is able to “bend” art—she likes that it is not a standard, unchangeable concept. Her favorite artists include Edward Hopper, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Pablo Picasso.  Anna enjoys taking biology, chemistry, psychology, and neurology at Stuyvesant High School, where she is a junior. She hopes to go to Columbia University and pursue her passions for art and science. In the future, Anna wants to travel the world in order to be exposed to the rich diversity of cultures, reflecting her mixed background and giving her the opportunity to learn more about the world and herself.   

By Shirley