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Allandra lives in Manhattan and her family is from Trinidad. She is a senior at the Manahattan Center for Science and Mathematics. She was a YI Artist for two semesters last year. Her sister is her favorite artist, and Allandra learned to draw from careful observation of her sibling’s work. She believes that art has a healing power and is most inspired by herself, although she realizes that that might sound narcissistic. It’s just that she feels that the more she learns about herself, the more fascinated she is by her own complex psychology. Allandra is deeply interested in film and hopes to study it as her major in college. Right now she is filming a documentary. Allandra feels like she developed a strong connection with the Whitney as a result of participating in Youth Insights, so much so that she says she prefers the artwork at this Museum to any other she’s been to in New York.

By Teddy