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I am Nikola. Sparkles, family, and food are all very important to me. I was born in New York City. I was raised between New York and Los Angeles. I am of Jewish, European, and Greek descent. I’ve loved to do art all my life. I remember how much consideration I would put into my Barbie and Disney princess coloring books. I have a very artistic family so art was appreciated enthusiastically as I was growing up. Art as well as fashion inspires me to come up with my own ideas, daydreams, and even goals for the future. I love artists like Norman Rockwell, Keith Haring, and Carole Feuerman. I love the way these artists use color, comedy, and emotion in their paintings and sculptures. When I see their work it sparks excitement, amusement, and inspiration in me. All of these artists tell a story and let the viewer piece it together. I find this a very important element in art. I love fashion designers Betsey Johnson and Ralph Lauren. Like Betsey Johnson, I appreciate confidence, and flamboyant style in clothing. Ralph Lauren is so beautifully simple and elegant.

Nikola’s Artwork