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I'm Michelle and I'm fickle. To make things worse, I fell in love with an idea—the belief that anything I create with my hands or mind or mouth can hold weight in this world (albeit dead weight at times). Maybe that's what absorbed me into art and writing. I tend to fear anything that exists solely outside my head, and to fear the inevitability that everything that exists inside will find its way out. I'm not introverted per se, but I am very protective as is anyone with some(thing) they love. 

Growing up in the urban center of the world, I have a passion for street culture that inspires a lot of what I do. Although I can't predict my capacity to survive off my ambitions alone, I have every intention of forcing myself to do so. Aside from the romantic idealism, I attend the Bronx High School of Science and enjoy twilight reads, bread, the dog from The Artists, and custom shoes. And I REALLY love lamps—the perfect, circular, ash-yellow almost amber lighting sort of lamp.  

Michelle’s Artwork