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Kristen is currently attending the Institute for Collaborative Education. She hates when she has to say the name of her school. Everyone at school calls it ICE, but that doesn't make sense to just tell people without explaining what it stands for. This means she then needs to say the whole long name and people are all like, “Oh an institute, how fancy.” Which is definitely the wrong idea, ICE is much more relaxed than that.

She was born in Virginia and moved to New York a little more than two years ago. People make fun of her southern roots. She rolls her eyes and repeats “I'm from northern Virginia, it's not really the south!” at least once week.

She likes anything and everything that is listed under “the arts.” Plays, musicals, ballet, modern art, paintings, sculpture, and furniture design. All of it fascinates her. The freer the expression, the more captivated, inspired, and envious she is. One of her favorite pieces is The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh (she has a reproduction hanging in her living room). She's really into the way Van Gogh paints trees and landscapes. He put so much paint on the canvas that the texture makes it seem alive, epic!

Kristen’s Artwork