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My name is Keyana and I am a sixteen year-old junior at Williamsburg Charter High School. I like drinking Naked smoothies, watching old 80’s movies and trying new things on the Thai menu. More importantly, I am fascinated with photography. Having the ability to freeze moments in time and to capture struggles and everyday life is just amazing. One day I hope to be a successful, well-known photographer, with my powerful images captivating others around the world. Aside from photography, I enjoy writing anything from short stories to songs and everything in between—except essays. Some of my writing fails to be strong, which is why Youth Insights is perfect for me, it gives me exposure to art and new influences. I love the atmosphere of museums. Friendly faces and wondrous art always makes me feel at home. Art is really important. It is self-expression, and it is always beautiful. Whether it’s a Van Gogh painting or two pieces of string tied in a knot, it’s still art and that’s the best part, the fact that no one can disagree. Aside from being a museum fanatic and an aspiring artist, I volunteer and partake in charities. It is always great to give back to the community and I always feel at peace with myself after a long day of work. These are just some things about me and what I believe that makes me Keyana. 

Keyana’s Artwork