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My name is Jeong, and I currently reside in Queens. I am interested in everything that triggers my attention and interest. The arts, to me, mean all that surrounds me and that gets me thinking. A sudden twitch my sister makes while asleep, the shape and form of a rusty ball chain in my necklace, and a crack formed in the bathroom door somewhere in the past—these are the things that can motivate me to think and give me inspiration. The arts are the things I am engaged in, the things that I create and the things that form me. They are all around me, forcing me to develop another means of communication with people aside from speaking. My favorite artist is Joseph Beuys. His idea of stretching the meaning and possibility of an artist led me to another way of thinking and seeing things differently, blurring the division between an artist as a profession and an artist as a human being. Joseph Beuys made me ponder a lot about what art is and what role it plays in our daily life. In the future, I hope to continue to express myself and share my views on the world with other people through my work.

Jeong’s Artwork