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My name is Chloe. I am currently a junior at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School majoring in Visual Arts. I enjoy making all types of art. I was raised in Brooklyn. I love photography, painting with watercolors, sewing clothes, writing, and drawing. I love visiting art museums and discovering an exhibition that I have never seen before.

Art means everything to me. It has always been a part of my life, especially because I live down the block from the Brooklyn Museum of Art. When I was younger, you could always find me writing a very long fiction story without an ending, drawing some type of person with those “sunflower” hands, a kitchen, a treasure map, copying a Matisse painting, or making miniature paper purses for my friends. However, as I got older, I began to use a variety of media and subjects. My favorite artist has always been Vincent van Gogh. The colors, brushstrokes, and shapes he uses in his painting have always been inspiring for me. Other inspirations are crisp, autumn days and warm spring days. In my future, I hope to be in the art field, but I am also interested in biology. Whatever career path I take, I know that art will always be part of my life.

Chloe’s Artwork