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I am Elizabeth from New York City. I applied to Youth Insights last spring and have been thrilled to be part of the program ever since. I have loved my time at the Whitney, working so closely with artists I read about in the magazines I subscribe to, maintaining a comprehensive understanding of the museum’s shows, and planning events and tours around those exhibitions.

I have always had an inclination towards paintings. I love art that creates new meaning and beauty through disorder and redefinition of conventional forms and concepts. My favorite artists span a broad spectrum and include Bill Viola, Marlene Dumas, Egon Schiele and Willem de Kooning. I have a fascination with art history—with examining time periods through the art that was produced and studying the events that changed art and critical thought.

I am attending Oberlin College next year, and plan to major in art history and English. I hope to sustain my interests in art and writing and eventually work among and write about art that I’m passionate about.