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Hi, my name is Alexander. I am Korean and I was born in California, but I've lived in New York for most of my life. Whether it be looking at it or making it, I thoroughly enjoy art. Although I have never considered myself to be talented in art, I've learned to be more understanding as to what something can mean. Instead of looking at art as what it is, I try to step back and wonder what was going on when the artist created the work. Then, lines and colors aren't just brushstrokes on a canvas. They become words and conversations which are then passed from one person to another.

I have no favorite artists in particular. I usually tend to look at art as itself and not who created it. However, I do have one artist who has become a mentor: my art teacher. A lot of his work revolves around his heritage as a Korean American. My interests generally revolve around graphic design, but I am also interested in computer programming, since the two seem to go hand in hand. For me, inspiration doesn't come often. Whenever I create something, I can’t help but feel that I'm copying too much of an artwork which already exists, and thus I end up abandoning the idea all together. Generally, when I look for an idea, I tend to look at social problems. I also look towards nature as a contrast to the ever-evolving technology of the world. I hope to pursue graphic design and computer programming for college and into my career. If not, possibly illustration. For now, my goals are actually remembering how each tool works in Photoshop or what the difference between C++ and Java is. My goal isn't to strive in the world, it's to observe and adapt.