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Hey! I'm Julia, a sophomore at Bronx Science. I was born and raised a city girl from the Upper East Side, but I still like to think that I live in my own world. Being a princess in your own mind is all it really takes to make your day. I've been exposed to art throughout my entire life, whether it was going to the various museums around the city when I was younger or my inspiring art teacher in middle school. Art has always been something that I've been able to look to for self-expression. A lot of the time I get these strange ideas in the middle of the day and I'll think to myself, "I should papier-mâché that when I get home!" I've always been able to turn whatever I'm feeling into some form of art, and in a sense it's been a 'close friend' that I can go to about anything. I definitely want art to remain a part of my life even after high school, because I want to go into a career in the sciences. I like the idea of mixing art and science and even math, and I've considered architecture. I know that whatever I choose to do, art will remain an important aspect of me being me.

It's hard for me to pick out a specific artist that I like because I'm mostly fascinated by certain works of art, just as one might like a song by a band but not the whole album. However, I do love modern art and fashion. When I get the chance I like going to the Whitney, the Museum of Modern Art and the New Museum. I also adore Rhode Island School of Design's galleries around the Providence area, because you never know what interesting projects and ideas are being shown. When I came across the Youth Insights program I was instantly drawn in by the mix of writing, collaborating, and making art. I also liked that each semester is different because the program is structured around artists in residence rather than skill building. The Youth Insights program seemed like the perfect way to indulge myself in something new and to gain perspective on art and the world from other teens living in the New York City area, as well as from an artist. It's amazing to be able to have in depth conversations with people who I never would have met were it not for this program, and to be exposed to a whole new realm of art that goes beyond visiting museums occasionally.

Julia’s Artwork