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My name is Julia, but ever since kindergarten people have called me Jules. The name Jules suits me, because I am livelier than the name Julia implies. That’s not to say that I hate the name Julia completely and would like to change my name to Jules forever. Not at all. I just believe that there is only so long you can be a Jules before it is just not acceptable, and why not embrace it for the short time I have left? I currently attend Hunter College High School and live in Manhattan. I love living in New York City and, honestly, I could not even begin to imagine growing up anywhere else. I don’t know how I would get through the morning without screeching subway brakes or honking horns.

I have probably not gone more than a month without visiting a museum. Art is such an integral part of my life that sometimes I take it for granted. However, it is programs like Youth Insights that make me realize how lucky I am and allow me to find pieces that make me stop and think and admire art in a new way.  Art makes me incredibly happy and I hope that in the future I can pass this passion on.  

Jules’s Artwork