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I am Arthur, and I am an aspiring artist. I am six feet and three inches tall. I am a pescatarian (eats fish and vegetables). I was born in New York Hospital, though I was raised in Long Island. I lived in Sag Harbor until I was sixteen and then moved to New York City for school. Because I was raised in the country, I have always been a nature lover. My interests include hiking, surfing, reading, biking, and paddle boarding.

For me, art is more than just an interest. I cannot see myself in the future being anything but an artist. Since I was very young I have always been involved in or interested in drawing. About three years ago I committed myself to sculpture after visiting France and Italy with my parents. I fell in love with the Renaissance. But I have found most of my inspiration in modern artists. My sculptures have been greatly influenced by Goya. My personal artistic hero is Jenny Holzer. I first saw her work in Italy. It was one of her benches from the Venice Bienniale. Art has become a huge part of my life recently. It is not something that I can pick up and put down. Art is a lens I use to see the world. It lets me explore and express myself. When I am unable to convey meaning with words I use a chisel and hammer. 

Arthur’s Artwork