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I am a child whose shoes pinches her toes.
I want to kick them off and feel the earth.  
I want to hear the wind.
I want to taste the air.
I want to absorb the colors around me.
I want to uncover the mysteries of the world.
I want to make a difference with my actions, with my voice, with my art.
The people are my cause:
The people who cannot speak,
The people who cannot fight,
The children who are forgotten,
The children who are not fed,
Those who no one will help and cannot help themselves.
I am an artist.
I want my art to speak to people.
I want my art to make people feel something.
My canvas is my world, and I fill it up with my creations.
My brushstrokes are my words.
My paintings are my protests.
At a time when I feel so powerless, I turn to art, and I am freed.

Zoe’s Artwork