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Hi! My name is Suriat. I am sixteen years old and I attend the High School for Health Professions. I was born in Nigeria but now live in Brooklyn, New York. In my everyday life, I enjoy many activities. I love to dance, play instruments, read books, go out with my friends, and most importantly WRITE! Writing and observing things are also why I was interested in joining Youth Insights. I wanted to experience various types of art and listen to the many different viewpoints of my peers. I would love to communicate my thoughts about art through my writing. To me, art has many definitions and can be expressed in many ways, through music, painting, photography, pottery, poetry and other things. One word to describe art is ORIGINAL. There is no wrong or right way to look at it. Art conveys thought, expression, and creativity. Through art, you can view feelings and inspirations and think critically. Artists I admire are Leonardo Da Vinci, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Edward Hopper, Andrey Avinoff, Sybil Andrews, and many more!

Suriat’s Artwork