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Art has always played an important role in my life. My father is an artist and his work and creative process have always been visible around my house. Even though I never considered myself an artist in any way, I grew up with a deep appreciation for art and for those with the ability to create. Some of my favorite artists are Yoshitmo Nara, Marina Abramovic, and Johannes Vermeer.

In high school I’ve been able to explore more artistic options. I realized I did not have to draw or paint a certain way to be considered “good.” Throughout my high school career I have been able to take several darkroom photography classes, a painting class, and a jewelry-making class. I live in Brooklyn, I think that writing is one of the best forms of self expression, and I love every opportunity to learn something new. I’m just Meredith. I’m still figuring out exactly what that means, but I know that as I do, I will have art by my side.

Meredith’s Artwork