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The raw passion, unblemished by ourselves, our nature: my youth insight. This being that I am, is a collection of conclusions based on interconnected meaning, hidden behind trivial moments. There is a cornice atop this enclosed space: art. The windows to this soul cannot expose the windowless rooms, as this abstract outlet of expression can. My existence thus far, though brief, has left my soul lusting: after what, I am uncertain. My malnourished spirit has been left to cough up the phlegmy bits of streamline life, until empty, and for the first time, lacking emptiness. And my equilibrium has been left off balance, as it splits and inhabits both beginnings of the spectrum. Black and white, thin and thick, living and living.

I enjoy the rigid fluidity of architecture, for my outlook takes much inspiration from the ultimate cultural symbol. I enjoy the encompassing freedom of water and the weightless propulsion of swimming. Food is what I enjoy the most, for we live, die, and differ, as our food does. Food engages all sense and is the epitome of artistic expression. My love for the natural world is the root from which I continue to stem. In the future, I’d like to see myself a part of this untainted natural world that we unknowingly shield our faces from. Mental clarity is what I hope to achieve through my immersion in the arts.

Dalila’s Artwork