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My name is Christopher. I was born in Kingston, Jamaica. When I was younger my skin color was bright pink, so my brother gave me the nickname Pinkie. He was always there for me and he was always my inspiration because he was an artist. He was the reason I fell in love with art. I used to see him draw these perfect images, and I wanted to be just like him. But unfortunately before he would be able to teach me anything we were separated. I moved to Birmingham, England, where I learned many things such as sports and writing. My brother was always in my memory so as soon as I learned how to use pen and paper I started to draw what I saw. I didn’t copy animated images like other kids did. I drew my surroundings. My inspiration kept me motivated.

When I was in England, I used to just draw my images. I didn’t sketch or shade to help make my artwork look more realistic.When I returned to Jamaica, I showed my brother what I could do. He explained to me that these techniques would help my images look three-dimensional. When he told me these things I took them and ran with it. I went far knowing those two things he taught me.

The reason I decided to join Youth Insights is because my English teacher recommended it and I realized it would be a great way to meet new artists. I hope to learn from them as I learned from my brother. My interests are music, sports, art, computers, and gaming. Art is the best way I feel I can express myself. There are two other artists that inspire me besides my brother: Leonardo Da Vinci and my art teacher, Mr. Rorrick. I like the way Da Vinci’s work looks so realistic. Mr. Rorrick gives me advice to help create some of my best work. He really pushes my talent to places it has never been before. Art is the one way I can express myself. That is what art means to me. My major goal for attending Youth Insights is to become a better artist.

Christopher’s Artwork