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My name is Adena. I am fifteen and in the 10th grade. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, but my nationality is Bajan and Jamaican. I became interested in the YI Writers Program because my teachers introduced me to it. My interests are writing, especially poetry, painting, singing, dancing, and just expressing myself in every way I know how. Art plays a big role in my life. I love to look at art, listen to art, and make art. Even though I'm not the best artist, it’s something I do to express my emotions. I really don't have a favorite artist but there are certain types of art that I like, including very bright, colorful sculptures. People with positive attitudes and things that look and sound positive are really what inspire me! I look forward to hearing other people’s opinions on contemporary art and the difference between art from the past and today's art! Finally, here is a random quote "I'm a big girl with big dreams, and a normal girl with big opportunities and I plan on using them."

Adena’s Artwork