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I’ll begin by telling you my name is Hoi. I originate from the country of Hong Kong and have been living in the United States for about a decade or so. I would say that my life has been pretty exciting so far.

Many people ask me what my background is, and I often have a conflicted answer because I’m not quite sure what they are asking. In most instances, they want to know where I am from; but to me, a large part of my culture and background has been created by my own decisions. One of the more important decisions I made a long time ago was to commit to the field of art for the rest of my life.

Though I am a well-rounded person, I was always intrigued by the creative process, as well as possibilities that have not been realized yet. In addition to this, I am interested in the meaning and concepts of the environment around me, which has allowed me to become constantly inspired to an extent that I wish there were more hours in the day to accommodate my mind. But of course there would be dire consequences for such a wish. So I might take that back.

I cannot think of a single time when I had a lack of ideas for anything I wanted to do. If the objects, environments, and political scandals aren’t enough to inspire me, there are also outstanding artists that I look to, such as Aurora Robson, Pablo Picasso, and Edouard Manet.

One of my goals is to make people think. It is a rather simple yet seemingly impossible task in many respects. Of course, this goal is just a foundation for everything else I wish to achieve, and hopefully with the right attitude (and outfit), I will be able to alter the perception of others on subjects that really matter.