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My name is Hannah and I am a student at The Ethical Culture Fieldston School. This is my second semester participating in Youth Insights.The YI Writers program changed my perception of art. Although art had always been a part of my childhood ever since I can remember—both my mother and grandmother are artists—I originally valued it more for its aesthetic appeal. Youth Insights allowed me to study art both conceptually and intellectually which has completely changed the artists I admire and how I connect to certain pieces of artwork.  My favorite artists are Vik Muniz, Susan Unterberg, Jacob Lawrence, Andy Warhol, Glenn Ligon, Philip Guston, and Claude Monet.

I am inspired by people and nature, and how they affect one another. I believe that the reason art is so powerful is because it has the capability to free us all from reality and see the beauty in the simplest or most complex things. Someday I hope to be an artist, curator, civil rights lawyer, or all three.

Hannah’s Artwork