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I am like everyone else, but I am not like everyone else. Although I have the same DNA sequences as others, I think and act differently from anyone else. This individuality that exists in nature, in society, and even in mass production is what inspires me.

To me, art is everything. I am interested in almost everything in the world, since everything possesses artistic characteristics in its own way. Art is a pair of speakers in my sight, or it is a series of movements my sleeping sister makes in her bed. it could be anything. Everything can be a source of inspiration that forms tinkering ideas in my head through which I can create my own universe.

I was born in the United States, but oddly enough, I am more familiar with Korean language and culture, as I spent most of my life in Korea. I am not a fluent English speaker, but I am sure that language isn’t the only means of communication. I decided to participate in Youth Insights because I wanted to share my enthusiasm toward art with other people who are as fervid as I am about art. I would like to communicate with them through whatever means we can use to exchange views and ideas and expand my ideas about art. 

Jeong’s Artwork

The bridge will be broken apart into nine large parts each containing one word of a sentence:

“This is hitched to everything else in the universe.”

The new bridge will have the same meaning as before – to connect places. The only difference would be the number of places that the bridge connects. Originally, it connected two points, but now it will conceptually connect several different places all at the same time.  Locations where the bridge parts will be placed include Central Park, Union Square, the Bronx Zoo, somewhere deep in  the Moses Mountain on Staten Island, around the Alley Pond in Queens, Prospect Park in Brooklyn, and two random local housing areas chosen from Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, or Staten Island.

The new site locations would vary from the most urban and public spots to the most unnoticed and unseen areas because the bridge will be the means to connect people, nature and many other factors in the universe whose interaction and connection between them we do not perceive.

I consider what we are doing as a deceptive détournement because it involves what previously was a public monument shared by the public.  Whether or not the new monument is functional or antithetical, taking the original work to transform either conceptually or physically shows that it is directly related to the Situationist concept of détournement.

Sherrie Levine questions the idea of originality through her works that parody the original works and the concept of originality itself.  Her works that originally are not her works send the viewers the new message that is quite different from the actual original works.