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Ishik’s Artwork


This bridge could be placed in one of the following locations: Corona Park, Queens, Roosevelt Island, or Central Park.  It should be in a place where there is room for the bridge and it is accessible.

The bridge shall be used as a small restaurant or a food market or a deli.  It will be, similar to Gordon Matta Clark’s “Food” restaurant, a place run by artists. Artists will work in the kitchen, on the floor, and at the register.  Customers should be able to pay for the food by working there.  Artists who wish to participate will work in the kitchen making food art which they will be able to sell.

The money earned should be spent on food and other store expenses.  An artist or a business person could volunteer for a manager position and should be paid in proportion to the amount of money earned.


The bridge could be placed in a park for public exhibition.  Throughout the year, students from NYC public schools in grades K-12 will be able to have art exhibitions. Those art works of those students should be presented to the public.

In conclusion the bridge will stand as a public space where there will also be art exhibitions.  The bridge should be devoted to kids and whoever is interested in art.

The bridge should be covered when it’s cold, maybe with a transparent tarp, to keep the cold air out.

On construction/deconstruction:

First the legs/beams of the bridge should be cut and then the bridge should be placed on the ground as shown.

The bridge should be placed as shown in the sketch.