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Delia, now that is a name that I would not trade, even if I could. My name means something special. It's something that no one can shed or take from me. It's my symbol of who I am as a person. On August 13, 1992, I was born in a New York hospital. There were two names that my parents had in mind. My mother wanted to name me Maria, after her mother; while my dad wanted to name me Delia, after his mother. They flipped a quarter to determine who was going to name me. Guess who won. I was born on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, but my history is what defines me as a person. My mother's family was born in the Dominican Republic. My father was born in Cuba on the main island of Havana. Being Dominican-Cuban is what makes me unique because I have an interesting heritage which goes back generations.  

There are many interests that keep me going during the day. Some would include reading, listening to music, singing, playing acoustic guitar and piano, and studying American Sign Language. In my free time I enjoy taking care of animals. I have adopted five cats and three dogs, and devote most of my time to them. I find that taking care of animals is a de-stressor which helps me throughout my day. Also, during my free time I like to use Adobe Photoshop to alter and create images. I find that to be a de-stressor because it doesn't allow me to think about anything, except for my creativity. 

To me, art means expressing oneself or one's opinion on an issue. Art can also interpret the feelings of a person from the different ranges of emotion they show during that time. My favorite artists are Leonardo da Vinci and Frida Kahlo. I like Leonardo's use of perspective, and how he manipulates it. One of my favorite paintings by Leonardo is the Mona Lisa. I find Mona Lisa to be very mysterious, especially not knowing what the inspiration was for the painting. I love Frida Kahlo's work because she incorporates her feelings and herself into her paintings like a picture diary. 

In the future, I am looking forward to graduating high school, becoming more involved with the art community, as well as trying to become successful in something that I will enjoy in the long run.

Delia’s Artwork